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The ministry of A Pearl for Every Girl has been steadily growing and developing for several years—gathering a contagious momentum that has led to the exciting chapter that the ministry is in today!

In 2000, A Pearl for Every Girl founder, Christina DiMari, published her memoir, called Ocean Star. She felt led to share her own story of restoration to pass on the hope and freedom that she has found in her life with other girls. Within months of the book’s release, Christina was overwhelmed with thousands of letters from girls who shared how impactful the book had been for them.

After seeing how many young women had been encouraged and uplifted by her story, Christina began meeting with small groups of these girls to be able to connect with and mentor them on a more personal level as she shared with them lessons from her memoir. Christina created an accompanying interactive journal called You’re Designed to Shine to go along with the study of her memoir. With this tool, girls who had read Ocean Star could use the journal to help them apply the lessons from Ocean Star to their own journey.

Soon, not only was Christina leading these groups of girls, but young women who had gone through the journey with Christina also began leading their own mentoring groups in their communities, using the lessons they learned to encourage their peers.

It didn’t take long before word of Christina’s mentoring program and these small gatherings of girls began to spread and take place all over the world, from across the U.S. to Italy, France, Spain, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. Within a few years, thousands of girls had experienced the encouragement offered through Christina’s memoir and study guide, and they began asking, “What next?”

This is what led Christina to write Cultivating Pearls, the foundational book A Pearl for Every Girl uses to mentor young women, walking girls through the process of discipleship and transformation Christina experienced in her own life.

Today, A Pearl for Every Girl leads hundreds of girls through the Cultivating Pearls journey through training leaders, creative events and mountain retreats each year. And perhaps what is most exciting about where the ministry is at today is the organic and exponential growth of the Cultivating Pearls groups through the enthusiasm of girls who have experienced the journey. 

The desire of young women to positively influence their peers is present and powerful, and A Pearl for Every Girl is excited to assist them in shining for others through the tools and passion we provide to encourage and empower the next generation of young women. 

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The ministry of A Pearl for Every Girl has been growing and strengthening for a number of years, and we are now ready to expand this outreach with your help.